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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pennies R Worthy

Tell that to people who cares! There was a time in my life, even in my adult life that I could not stand pennies! Not because I thought that I was to good for them, because I was not. But for some strange reason I just could not stand pennies!! Let alone to keep them. Every penny that came my way, in the trash it would go! I have thrown dozen upon dozen of pennies away. As I grew older and wiser I learned that pennies are worthy to be kept, saved, and spent. I have learned to appreciate pennies, I now love pennies and pennies have been apart of my life now for keeps, and I will never throw away another penny as long as I live. Pennies have came in handy when I did not have cash or other coins. Or even had cash and other coins, but needed pennies as backup. I am glad that the madness I once showed toward pennies have turned into such great LOVE! I sometimes wonder about the could have been, but I don’t beat myself up about it, because what was done is done. And I have learned better! You learn better, you do better! But my wondering mind of what could have been is the fact that pennies that I threw away, I maybe could have been a weathy woman by now. Not that I am poor, because I am not, and I love my life. I often think about the woman who saved a million pennies a few years ago and she was considered a millionaire. Not so much that she was considered a millionaire, because she then became a millionaire after the calculation of her pennies. I do not want to be rich, but the amount of pennies I could have saved sure makes me wonder my total count! PENNIES ARE WORTH MONEY!!

The $5 Dollar Saving Rule

A lot of times it may seem hard for you to save money, because you think real saving comes from putting back the big bucks. Most of the time big bucks is hard for you to come by, even if it is twenty dollars. Here is saving made easy! I use to try so hard to save money, but the end result would always be I’d spend it each and every time. The more I saved, the more I needed things. Well in reality I wanted things although it was more of a need; at the same time I still would dip into that which I have saved for my wants as well. I had to tell myself in order to save, I needed to not only put money back, but I needed to also not touch it. If a lot of you make up in your mind that if there is no emergency type need, then you have to pretend and convince yourselves that the money put back is not money that you have. In other words, tell yourself I have no money. No it is not lying to yourself nor anyone else for that matter, because realistically you don’t have money, and the true catch should be “NOT TOO SPEND!” So not having money to spend is basically “YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY!” Trust me developing that concept will lead to the road of SAVING AND KEEPING MONEY! The $5 Dollar Saving Rule is helpful and very easy to do. Every time I have a $5 Dollar Bill, I save it rather it is two, three, or four. Even if I have a twenty dollar bill, and I had to buy something (Notice I said HAD), because now I only try to stay within my needs and not my wants. The twenty dollar bill or whatever the amount of bill that is above a $5 Dollar Bill that I have, after I pay for my item/items; however, my change get broken down to me I always make sure all or any $5 Dollar Bill be put back and saved. Rather it be daily or weekly, it is ALWAYS WHENEVER. $5 Dollar Bills adds up! You will be surprised at how much you can save in such little time if you stick with The $5 Dollar Saving Rule.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Never Say

Never say that you can't when it comes to your goals. Never say you never will; only say you never have. I rather say; I never have then to say; I never will. I never have thought in my wildest dreams that I would make it this far. But to say I never will achieve my goals, and all that I can be; is not only an understatement, but it is also unacceptable.

Don't accept the things, nor the thoughts of what you feel you cannot be. Only accept what you know you want, and can be.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wake Up

Wake up, because you know who you are, and what you want to be in life. Life is what you make it, not as you take it to be.

Tell yourself that settling is not an option. Look up to rise up above any and all obstacles. Know that you can, and you will be somebody. Most importantly realize that you are somebody.

Always know that there is, and that there can only be one you. Being a positive person; hanging around positive people, will get you positive measures. Good thoughts are positive thoughts. And positive thoughts brings positive action.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Blame Game

So many people like to place blame on everybody but themselves! LET THEM TELL IT, it is everybody else! It is one thing to make mistakes and own up to them, then to deceive and try and fool people. And even if there is ever a time they own up to their mistakes, there is still answers they have to give an account for doing much deceiving and tearing up that which was NOT MADE WITH HANDS! What is so sad is that so many people always want to say forgive! Matthew 18:21-22 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

There is nothing wrong with forgiving, because forgiving is what we must do, but the sad part is they think that you don't forgive nor that your heart is not right because you believe that there are consequences, therefore those people just sit back and LET GO, AND LET LIVE the way they want too, and the people they take up for! SINCE THEY CAN SAY ALL THAT BEHIND ALL THIS! O MY, I pray GOD there is never anything against the law of the land done, because then that too will go unpunished by those type of people. And YES I said UNPUNISHED MEANING OVERLOOK, NOT DEAL WITH, ETC. But with GOD EVERYBODY HAVE TO ANSWER! Although they don't want to deal with the/who REAL ISSUES, they over look them, but GOD DON'T OVER LOOK NOTHING! He forgives, but he still have his set of consequences in due time.

So many people talk about forgiveness. How do we expect God to forgive us, if we don't forgive others. AND MAKE SURE YOU KNOW FOR A FACT THAT SOMEONE DON'T FORGIVE THEMSELVES FIRST, BEFORE ASSUMING! That is how most people are so confused even about others because some one always talking that which is not true! I needed to say that because I disagree with statements about people having to forgive themselves before forgiving others, because I know people who have forgiven others and still is YET TO FORGIVE THEIR OWNSELVES! But I will say this also just because we forgive as often and depending on a situation, like when someone has wronged you over and over, or is not headed forward with you the way God wants us to be, then we all have a charge to leave those people alone.

Yeah we can try and help them, but when even that don't work, we need to just move on and continue to pray for them. A lot of times people always say we suppose to forgive and forget, that is true, but to a point. That point is when you have forgiven someone true enough never throw what you have forgiven them for back up to them nor anybody, but the forgetting that you may be holding onto, let that only be between you and God, because there is nothing wrong with not forgetting for the fact it just help to keep you on your toes, on how not to let that person take advantage of you again, nor make you react in ways that are not pleasing to God. TIME HEAL ALL WOUNDS! Continue to trust in God and he is the only one in due time that can even get us to the point that we have even forgotten about that which was forgiven!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Karaoke Star

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